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Welcome to the Bring Your Sneakers

Team of Better Running!

From Kari Lansing Coaching

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Take the guesswork out of your training! By working INDIVIDUALLY with a world-class coach to create a solid plan with defined purpose for each run, there is no more searching or guessing....there’s just running.

PLUS - Stay focused and motivated with the support of a TEAM through a private group with weekly, live check-ins, so that you arrive confident and ready on your race day.

Learn All About this 5 Star Program

12 Weeks of Amazing Growth, Successes, and Goal-Crushing Personal Achievements!

In this video, Kelly talks with Kari about her experiences in the recent Team of Better Running.

A Little About Your Coach

Kari Lansing, MS, ATC, CSCS

Kari is a Certified Athletic Trainer and a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist with 24 years and over 22,000 hours of experience in the fields of athletic development, fitness, injury prevention and injury rehabilitation.

She has successfully coached Olympic Medal winning athletes, Ironman competitors, ultra-marathoners and hundreds of runners of all kinds.

Running has been a focus woven throughout her career, not only through coaching, but through race organization as well.

She is a runner and a mom of three beautiful, busy girls.

Who This is For!

  • This is for ladies wanting to learn how to run better, run happy and run with a purpose to each workout.
  • Do you have an upcoming race? This is the perfect way to dial in your training!
  • This is for women who want to crush their own personal goals and reach new highs in their running.
  • This is for you, if you want to stop wasting miles or time. Learn to run based on YOU - your experience, your current running and your goals. Plans are personally designed for anyone at any point in their running journey - from beginners (walk/run) to marathon distances.
  • This is for you if you want to eliminate the guessing and wondering and just go run!
  • If you feel your running is slipping - find your motivation and mojo again (if you are losing your fire to run). Connect with other women as we all cheer each other on to keep your momentum going.
  • This is for everyone who wants to GET OUT of the RUT and stop feeling STUCK!
  • This is for every women runner...beginner, 5k, 10k, or half marathon distances alike.

Hear What Laurie Says About Her Recent Experience in the Team of Better Running

"This experience has been more than I could have ever imagined. With all that I have gone through the past 12 weeks, (juggling distance learning and work, moms surgeries, wildfires, knee pain, no gym access to treadmill, and time change) but STILL I made progress with my training through it all . . . . I still can't believe it. It would have been so easy to stop, but with your support and the support of Kelly, Treasa, Sol and Wendy it was easy to continue to show up. This group of woman has been incredibly inspiring and I'm thankful I was able to join them. Kari, your genuine compassion for your clients is the heart of this program. I feel very blessed to be working with a coach with the vast amount of knowledge and experience you have. I can't wait to see where the Team of Better Running takes us all."

Laurie DeKeyser, California

Here's How it Works

1. The Plan

Get your personalized running plan dialed in by starting with a 30 minute, private consultation with Kari over Zoom. Discover where you’re at and where you want to go, and how to fit that in with life right now

Not sure which distance to do? Do the consultation first, and Kari can guide you! Your personalized running schedule will be emailed directly to you.

2. The Team

Receive an invitation to a separate private Team of Better Running Facebook Group group for inspiration, support and focus.

The Team provides support and FUN through weekly 1-hour Zoom Team calls and a private Facebook Group for motivation and inspiration. The Zoom call is where your questions are answered and the magic of the TEAM happens.

3. The Focus, Support and Accountability...

...is woven throughout every aspect of the experience!

Twelve (12) - weekly, 1 hour group Zoom call for questions, accountability, support, friendship and even MORE FUN!

Can’t make it to a Zoom Team session? No problem! I’ll send you the recording via private link.

Twelve (12) weeks of personalized coaching and purposeful running with your Team cheering you on the whole way!

The Nitty Gritty Details

Space is limited to keep our groups small, focused and full of individualized attention

Registration will close at midnight two days before each session begins.

Your place on the Team is reserved once payment has been received.

12 weeks of personalized coaching and purposeful running with your Team cheering you on the whole way!

Team of Better Running 12 Week Program

Total Cost: $495

(TRANSFORM your running for less than the cost of eating out once a week!)

Registration is Now Open!

Hear More of What Other Women Runners are Saying About the Team of Better Running

"Kari took me from a near death experience half marathon to completing my next one feeling strong and healthy! She’s a miracle worker! I’m about as stubborn and hard headed as they come but she understood me and helped me retrain myself mentally and physically! I know I would not have been able to complete my “redemption half marathon race” without her help and guidance!"

- Wendy Staples (Texas)

"The Team of Better Running and Coach Kari Lansing is the best thing I have done for myself in years. It brought me to a new level of running through individualized running plans to meet my goals as well as being supported by an amazing group of women that were nothing but positive and motivational for one another. We all had different running goals, but we all came together as one to emotionally support one another on a weekly basis. I am a more confident, stronger, happy runner because of Kari and the Team of Better Runners."

- Kelly Andrew (New York)

"Coach Kari is a dedicated, committed and experienced Coach and mother. She has inspired me to move out of my comfort zone and reach my best self. Under her guidance, I ran two Marathons and never felt so good after running either of them. She has taught me to run "with a purpose" and that's with only 12 weeks of coaching. I now can honestly say I enjoy running and feel absolutely great afterward. I hope to PR in my 16th Marathon in 2021. Kari was always easy to chat to and available, and very understanding without judgment. If you want to run no matter what age you are, Kari is your go-to Coach. Thank you Kari Lansing!"

- Treasa Goodwin-Smyth (New York)

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See You Soon! And always remember...Run Well, Run Happy, and Run with Purpose.